In 2010 I spotted an advertisement from Peter VK5ZPG for a Yaesu FT-77 transceiver. The description indicated that the radio was in good condition and the price was very realistic for a rig which was over 20 years old.

The intent was to purchase a very simple transceiver for scout and guide Jamboree of the Air (JOTA) portable operations, one that I could pack away after use and dedicate to that and other portable tasks.

This rig seemed to fit the bill and is still going well after 6 years in my care.

After a discussion with Peter the deal was done and I waited patiently for the FT-77 parcel to arrive.

I was not disappointed. For its age the FT-77 was in very good condition and a quick on-air check confirmed that the rig was a great buy. Cosmetically the rubber around the main dial had perished some time previously, however I did like the “pure” metal look and the main dial was fully functional.

So what does the Yaesu FT-77 offer?

  • All solid state, 100w nominal output ( 85 watts on 28MHz)
  • CW, SSB (FM with additional optional FM board
  • Frequency coverage 3.5 – 29.9MHz including WARC bands of 10, 18 and 24MHz
  • Power requirements – 13.8V 1A receive, 20a full transmit power
  • Size 240mm (W) x 95mm (H) x 300mm (D)
  • Receiver 0.3uV for 10db S+N/N, 0.15uV for 10db S+N/N when CW narrow filter option, 0.7uV for 12dB SINAD for FM (with FM option)
FT77 advert jpg pic compressed

A promotion for the FT77 at the time of its release. This one from Bail Electronics which was owned at the time by Stan VK3BSR and run from Wangaratta. Ironically I have recently purchased a pre-loved FC-700 tuner so I now have all three “old warhorses” in the advert.

The FT-77 is a “spare” rig at the moment, however it is becoming more and more appealing for me to get the old girl out of its case and use the rig mobile.

I now have a solid H.F. base antenna on my VP Commodore RAV (Root around vehicle meaning my experimental mobile platform) and the FT-77 has a form factor which would neatly fit into the old girl.

It seems the old girl will get a run in the near future and on a more permanent basis.