Communications – out in the field

  • Worldwide Maidenhead Grid Locator application – finds a grid square based on an address or callsign. Provides latitude and longitude information for any given grid square.
  • Tiny Locator – finds a grid square based on the input of latitude and longitude information and can determine the distance between grid squares in kilometres and miles between two stations. Very useful for field day contests on VHF and above where points are allocated according to the distance worked between stations.
  • Buddipole –  extremely well engineered portable antennae and accessories. I use a buddipole mast on field operations as it is robust and has multi sections which are all lockable. Also now experimenting with a Buddistick vertical antenna for 40-10m operations.
  • PAR omni antennae – I have 3 X  PAR omni angle antenna’s – one  for 6m, 2m and 70cm. These have proved to be very effective and a value for money antenna. The 6m and 2m antenna’s  are extremely light and easy to carry to location given that they break down into 4 pieces. The 70cm omni is small and can fit neatly into a back-pack. Not high gain but work well when tuned. Particularly useful on 6m as conventional antenna’s are far too big for portable work.