The FT-200 was launched in Australia around 1971, advertised as a “superb quality, low cost, versatile transceiver”. It covered the 80,40,20,15 and 10 meter bands with 500KHz tuning range on each band witha crystal supplied for 28.5-29MHz.

This hybrid of transistors and valves featured a transistorised VFO, voltage regulator and calibrator with 12 diodes, 6 transistors and 16 valves overall.

The original Power Amplifier valves consisted of two 6JS6A pentodes.

The FT-200 was available in two colour schemes – silver with a grey case or black with a black case. So much for colour!!

Now the box I have has not been fired up for quite some time and I am in the process of checking it out to see how the old girl will go. One problem with rigs of this vintage are electrolytic capacitors which tend to dry out over the years. Usually it is possible to detect this by inspecting the capacitor and checking the seal at the top. If in any doubt, best to change the suspected components out, particularly where used in regulating the output of power supplies. If you have never heard one of the larger capacitors blow when AC is supplied let me assure you that it can be loud and very messy!

And incidentally I have the silver version with the grey cabinet. Perhaps it is nostalgia but it does seem to provide the shack with some “autnenticity” amongst the smattering of newer rigs that are smaller and have too many functions for the average amateur to ever use!

The FT-200 remains a simple radio to operate and I would suggest it is well worth picking one up on the “pre-loved” market if you want to experience radio from a nearly 50 year old box.


Frequency Range 3.5-4MHz, 7-7.5MHz, 14-14.5MHz, 21-21.5MHz, 28.5-29MHz(crystals optionally available for ranges 28-28.5, 29-29.5, 29.5-30MHz)
Modes USB, LSB, AM, CW
Receiver sensitivity 0.5uV input S/N ratio 10dB
Input power 240W
Image ratio 50dB
IF rejection 50dB 
Selectivity 2.4KHz -6dB 4KHz -60dB
Antenna impedance 50 – 100 ohms
DC Power consumption 12.5A receive 15A transmit (27A 100W peak) for 12 volt supply
Power Supply AC or DC with seperate power supplies
AF output 1 watt at 10% distortion into 8 ohms
Dimensions 13.25 inches (wide) x 5.5 inches (high) x 11 inches (deep)
Weight 8 kilograms