The Kenwood TS-660 is a very handy QRP rig, covering 4 bands, including 6 metres.

I have not seen too many of these rigs in Australia, however when the opportunity arose to purchase one of these “pre-loved” rigs, I jumped at the chance.

The TS-660 also features two VFO’s and two individual antenna sockets, one for 21-24-28 MHz and one for 6 metres.

Plus it has a squelch circuit and control which works for AM, SSB, CW and FM – ideal for monitoring frequencies without the noise!

This is a delightful rig and has been a very useful addition to my shack, with the rig mainly used on 10 metres SSB/FM and 6 metres FM.


Frequency Range

15 metre band 21.000 – 21.350MHz

12 metre band 24.500 – 24.999MHz

10 metre band 28.000 – 29.700MHz

6 metre band 50.000 – 53.900MHz

Modes FM, SSB, CW, AM

Receiver sensitivity FM – 1uV for 30dB S/N, 0.4uV for 12dB S/N

SSB, CW – 0.25uV for 10dB S/N

AM – 1 uV for 10dB S/N

Output power SSB, CW, FM 10 watts AM 4 watts

Power requirements 12-16v DC Receive 1Amp Transmit SWR < 1.5 4 Amps

IF rejection Better than 70dB

Selectivity SSB, CW, AM – 2.4kHz (-6dB) 4.2kHz (-60dB)  FM – 15kHz (-6dB) 32kHz (-60dB)

Squelch sensitivity 0.32uV at threshold (FM)

Antenna impedance 50 ohm

 Microphone   AF output 1.5 watts into an 8 – 16 ohm load

Dimensions 241 mm Wide x 94mm High x 236 mm Deep

Weight 4.9 kg