Tait T2000 II

The Tait T2000 was originally launched to the market in 1994, and superseded by the Tait T2000II in 1997.

Although dated by commercial standards, this model is well suited to amateur radio operations. Solidly built, able to programmed via PC and available in VHF and UHF models.

Recently I was gifted one VHF and one UHF unit for the shack – perfect for burbling away in the “shack rack”, monitoring any number of pre-determined common amateur frequencies.

I am about to embark on reviewing and modifying the current programming in both boxes. Having been owned and operated by a fellow amateur radio enthusiast in Melbourne, I expect that not much re-programming will be required.

Good friend Peter, VK6YSF, has provided me with one of his “homebrew” video productions on programming the Tait T2000 II units.

Worth a look.