The ICOM IC-2000H is a VHF only FM rig, incorporating a general coverage VHF receiver from 118MHz – 174Mhz.

The rig features digital display, three power settings (5,10,50W, front panel programming of memory and scan channels, together with repeater offset and CTCSS tone encoding.

Given my interest in aviation and emergency services, the rig is mainly used to monitor AM aircraft transmissions in the 118MHz – 136MHz spectrum and VHF transmissions in the State VHF emergency management spectrum between 162 and 166MHz.

Given the rig has a broadband receiver, it is susceptible to pager interference on the amateur 2 metre band as the Victorian Statewide CFA/SES paging system is a simulcast system, using high power in the 148MHz spectrum, just above the 2 metre band.

The IC2000H is currently being used in my prime motor vehicle with a 1/2 wave whip on the rear right of the car. Despite its age (purchased new in 1993) the radio is performing extremely well. This was an excellent purchase 20 years ago!!

Notwithstanding that limitation the rig has and continues to be value for money and fit for purpose.




Frequency Range Receive 118 – 174MHz Transmit 144.000-148.000MHz
Modes FM only
Receiver sensitivity Less than 0.18uV for 12dB SINAD
 Output power 50 watts High, 10 watts Medium, 5 watts Low
Power requirements Transmit 50 Watts – 10.5Amp, 10 watts – 5.5Amp, 4.0Amp – 5 wattsReceive Maximum audio output 1Amp, 0.8Amp squelched
Spurious response rejection More than 60dB
Selectivity More than 15 kHz / -6dB
  Less than 30 kHz / -60dB
Squelch sensitivity 0.13uV at threshold
Antenna impedance 50 ohm
 Microphone HM-77 600 ohm Handheld with DTMF and up/down frequency select
AF output More than 2.4 watts at 10% distortion with an 8 ohm lead
Dimensionscustomizable counter 150mm (Wide) x 50mm(High) x 151mm (Deep)
Weight 1.2kg