60 over 9

2014 Signal meter 60dB tag VK3PI DSCF6437 web compressedAs a QRP advocate it is very rare for me to be 60 over 9 on a meter, except when chatting to local stations on 2 or 70cm FM.

I have capability on all bands now from 160 metres to 23cm, with a variety of antennae and a collection of old to very old radio gear.

And let me state there is nothing wrong with that!

I do have the ability to see inside a radio and have the potential to fix it if something goes wrong, so that is a distinct advantage in our very much “appliance” world.

The other benefit of cost effective amateur radio is that I have the luxury of having a rig functional on particular bands with a “standby” just in case the primary unit fails.

I am not particularly a DX’er, contester or participant in recurring daily, weekly or monthly nets, however I do work the occasional DX, participate in selected contests during the year and sometimes pop into a net.

I guess I am an all-rounder.