A little bit of background

I have many interests in life, one being Amateur Radio. Since 1976 I have been dabbling in this “black art”, first as a shortwave listener exploring the many sounds of high frequency (HF) radio. Then the world of VHF and UHF was opened up with the purchasing of a broadband radio receiver.  In 1978 I obtained a Novice amateur radio licence with the callsign VK3NOY. Unlike some Novice operators, the power restriction of 10 watts was not a restriction at all with many contacts made on the 10, 15 and 80 metre bands. QRP (low power) and morse were favourites. In 1980 I qualified for a full call and was allocated VK3PI through the generosity of a friend of my late grandfather. The callsign VK3PI has only been allocated to two people in its history, aside from a short stint as an “official” callsign of the old PMG’s department. To this day I am proud to have this callsign. This blog represents my view of the world in general and the world of wireless. This blog is an expression of my thoughts and although you may not always agree with what I say I hope you enjoy the blog, nonetheless.

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