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2 Responses to SUMMITS ON THE AIR (SOTA)

  1. Bob Harper says:

    I was on air from a few mountain tops here in Qld back in 1982, I have a photo of me operating from the top of Mt.Beerwah in May/June 1982 using an FT7, home brew atu, Ex-army Tank whip (and counterpoise) on a motorcycle battery, all on a knapsack rack. Worked Qld mostly, one contact to SA (only) and not much else. ATU had been sucking up 2/3 of my OP ! ~3Wpep out. Good walk though !!!

    • vk3pi says:

      Hi Bob Thanks for your note and I can picture you on top of the mount with the trusty FT-7 and tank whip. So your matching unit was actually a dummy load!! Now that is QRPp with 3 watts out. I am finding the time to put some more trivia up on this site so keep reading and look forward to your contributions from time to time. 73

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