KENWOOD R1000 receiver

In my opinion, the Kenwood R-1000 receiver is one of the best receivers ever produced. and represents value for money, even now on the secondhand “pre- loved” market.

The R-1000 is a very simple receiver to use, with many features not found on comparable receivers of its time.

The Kenwood R-1000 0.5-30MHz receiver

The  R-1000 has a digital readout which doubles as a clock/timer. The receiver also features a stepped attenuator for strong stations, a very handy feature when in the vicinity of strong signals from local amateur stations.

Also featured is a record jack for taking off air signals directly to a recording device.

In terms of antenna connections the rear of the R-1000 features the ability to have wire antenna’s fed to the unit by way of Push terminals or a balanced antenna via a UHF socket connection. A single slide switch allows the operator to choose wire or balanced antenna connection.


Frequency Range 200kHz – 30 MHz
Modes AM, SSB, CW
Receiver sensitivity 200kHz – 2MHz SSB 5uV AM 50uV
  2MHz – 30MHz SSB 0.5uV AM 5uV
Image ratio Better than 60dB
IF rejection Better than 70dB
Selectivity AM WIDE 12KHz -6dB 25KHz -60dB
  AM NARROW 6KHz -6dB 18KHz -50dB
  SSB/CW 2.7KHz -6dB 5KHz -60dB
Antenna impedance Medium wave (MW) 200KHz – 2MHz 1k ohm (unbalanced)
  Shortwave A (SW-A) 2MHz – 30MHz 50 ohm (unbalanced)
  Shortwave B (SW-B) 2Mhz – 30MHz 1k ohm (unbalanced)
AF output 1.5 watts 8 ohm load 10% distortion
Dimensions 300 (wide) x 115 (high) x 218 (deep) in millimetres
Weight 5.5 kilograms

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  1. Very good receiver! But mine obtained 2017 from Ebay had an invisible solder bridge apparently since new between 2 pins of socket No.1 so selection of BPF’s and VCO’s was messed up, yet still it worked.
    Needed immediate resoldering of PSU and audio amp. though.
    TTL ‘S’ version IC’S can be replaced by ‘LS’ versions for less current drain; max frequency appears to be 12 MHz for these dividers.

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